BLACK COFFEE spiritual DJ set @ Mixmag Live, London

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Technically, musically and spiritually the most amazing Mixmag Live we've ever had…surely?
Our brand new cover star live from our monthly party Mixmag Live @ Village Underground
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Black Coffee's no ordinary house DJ and producer. He's a South African pioneer, a true celebrity in his home country and one of the most exciting DJ talents to come out of the continent.

Tonight The Durban-born artist brings his flavoursome house selection to East London's Village Underground

Readers Comments (71)

  1. If only he’d been allowed to play that last tune. Place would have gone OFF. 🙂

  2. Madorasindahouse July 13, 2015 @ 5:16 pm

    Music at it’s finest.. Black Coffee.

  3. 1. David Anthony, Beverlei Brown – I Don’t Know Why (Manoo remix)
    2. Prince Kaybee, Audrey – Better Days
    3. Jaap Ligthart, Alice Rose – I Know Change (Show B remix)
    4. Julien Jabre – War (Eltonnick Reconstruction remix)
    5. Mobi Dixon – Love Colour Spin (feat Msaki – DJ Tea Bossanova mix)
    6. Benny T – Prayer
    7. Goldfish – Call Me (Culoe De Song remix)
    8. Tumelo – The Rhythm
    9. Culoe De Song – No Contest
    10. Dj Clock, Beatenberg – Pluto (Remember You)
    11. House Victimz – Amen For 8 Years Prayer (Emo Boys Tribute 2014)
    12. Heavy K – Gunsong
    13. Kentphonik – Hiya Kaya (feat Khensy – Rocco deep mix)
    14. Diephuis – Crossing Borders (Manoo’s Refugee remix)
    15. Uhuru, Wizkid – Duze
    16. Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D.
    17. Mr V – Jus Dance (original accapella)
    18. Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D.
    19. Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D.
    20. Rocco & Danny Marquez – Billie Jean (original bootleg mix)
    21. Chew Fu, Steve Clisby – Purple Rain (Mousse T’s Home A Lone mix)
    22. Black Coffee, Bucie – Superman (main mix)
    23. Black Coffee – Kwanele (Black Coffee remix)

  4. hendrick ngobeni April 19, 2016 @ 12:52 pm

    Track List!
    David Anthony feat. Bevelie Brown – I Dont Know (Manoo Remix)
    1-Black Coffee & Khensy – Go On
    2-Black Coffee – Inkodlo Kamashimane
    3-Prince Kaybee feat. Aundrey – Better Days
    4-Revolution – Flame
    5-Jaap Ligther feat. Alice Rose – I Know Change (Show B Remix)
    6-Julien Jabre – War (Eltonnick Reconstructine Remix)
    7-Black Coffee – The Beat Of Indlamu
    8-Mobi Dixon feta. Msaki- Love Colour Spin (Dj Tea Bassovnova Mix)
    9-Black Coffee feat. Bucie – Turn Me On (Original Mix)
    10-Goldfish feat. Monique – Call Me (Culoe Song Remix)
    11-St Nicolas – Travel The World (Sobz Drumatic Mix)
    12-Black Motion feat. Jah Rich – Banane Mavoko (Dub Mix)
    13-Christian Baex – Circo Loco (Santi Lafonte Remix)
    14-Hot Natured feat. The Egyptian Lover – isis
    15-Djkent & Dj Rork feat. Malehlok Hlalele – Falling (Dj Rork Remix)
    16-Black Motion feat. Xoli M – Rainbow
    17-Coloe De Song – No contest
    18-House Vivtims – Amen For 8 Years’ Players (Emoboys Tribhute Remix)
    19-Heavy K – Gunsong
    20-Kentphonik- Hiya Kaya (Rocco Deep Mic)
    21-Diephuis – Crossing Borders (Manoo’s Refugee Remix)
    22-Black Motion feat. celimpilo – ndinokuda (Manoo’s Refugee Remix)
    23-OSKIDO & Candy – Tsa Mandebele
    24-The Hit Party Band – Oliver Twist
    25-Black Coffee Feat. Bucie – Superman (Club Mix)
    26-Quebtib Harris feat Margaret-My Joy
    27-Davido – Skelewu
    28-Uhuru feta Wizkid – Duze
    29-Black Motion – Thrilis
    30-Betoko – A Long Story Short
    31-Franky Boissy feat Roland – Blak Music Remixes1
    32-John Martin – Anywhere For You (Tiësto vs Dzeko & Torres Remix)
    33-Dj Backdoor & Michael Jackson – Bollie Jean (Dj Backdoor Remix)
    34-Chew Fu – Purple Rain (Mousse T’s Home A Keon Mix)
    35-Ahmet Mecnun – Devi8tor (J Mar Remix)
    36-George Gichael – Careless Whisper
    37-Laguna – Spiller From Rio
    38-Black Coffee Feat. Bucie – Superman (Club Mix)
    39-Black Coffee -Kwanele (Remix)

  5. song id @ 2:27:00 please

  6. This is guy is absolutely amazing!!! I heard him for first time in Dubai BLUE MARLYN, I got emotioned 3 hours set!!! Nobody plays like him!!! I went to many house events, his was definetely way longer the best house set ever been in my life!!! People went mad!!! GOD BLESS THIS LIVING LEGEND DJ!!!!!

    • you’re so right! I saw him in Toronto. He is definitely talented and does it with all his heart!

    • Davide Danti come to Chicago bro. I’m a big fan of Black Coffee but to there are a ton of dj’s that will send you to that special place here. Chosen few picnic 2018!

    • This man black coffee he’s 2 dangerous I enjoy your mix man keep it up.

    • I guess “Technically, musically and spiritually” is the exact description of “the LEGENG” himself, Black Coffee. Sounds like you had an amazing time and I am jealous I was not there with you.

  7. Michael Gichure June 29, 2016 @ 8:12 am

    Kama wewe ni mKenya let me know!!! Black Coffee juu

  8. dancing while working


  10. Nkcubeko Musiq TV August 21, 2016 @ 6:01 pm

    who is listening this year ?

  11. I see Black Coffee kept 90% local

  12. im a musician and have traveled the globe for the past thirty years, 78 countries, and this is some of the dopest houses mixes ive come cross in a long time. Big Up Black Coffee.

  13. I saw this guy live a week ago, at Stereo Montréal, it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to, and trust me when I say I’ve been to a lot of gigs… The music was out of this world but I gotta admit, the best part was when he smiled to me after I broke my voice rooting for him. Black Coffee is the shiiiiiittttt!

  14. “Technically, musically and spiritually” as described above – one of the most amazing DJ’s I ever heard..

  15. one of the best sets i’ve ever heard in my life

  16. Rogério Mello May 23, 2017 @ 11:48 pm

    733 dislikes = 733 souls lost in worlds where (certainly) there is no music (of quality).
    A set made with the soul.

  17. Rogério Mello May 24, 2017 @ 5:19 pm

    This set is beautiful!
    My favorite passage is undoubtedly at the time of 40:18
    The rapture on a dance floor while listening to Progressive Trance is second to none. It is a search for the infinite.
    For this song certainly reminds me of the consistency of the true “PROGRESSIVE HOUSE / PROGRESSIVE TRANCE”, so little executed today. This music is a work of art of electronic music and, in the hands of “Black Coffee”, it becomes gold. This reminds me of the great dee-jays of the genre in the early 2000s (Markus Schulz, Gabriel Batz, Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Bureen, among others) who played tracks with low bpm’s and strings Fabulous in the past. This track has beauty comparable to “Accadia – Into the Dawn” and “Markus Shulz presents Dakota – Chinook”. These are beautiful songs that express life.
    Greetings from Brazil.
    Rogério Mello.

  18. Rogério Mello May 24, 2017 @ 5:27 pm

    In, 44:44 = this track uses the samplers that the wizard “TODD TERRY” used in the fantastic song “SOMETHING GOING ON (TEE’S REMIX)”, right at the beginning of the track.
    In fact, I want to watch “TODD TERRY & BLACK COFFEE” together doing a 3-hour B2B. Imagine how many emotions ?!
    PS: I really liked the feel of this song, it has a great beating mark and these guitars are pure charm.
    It’s impossible not to dance!

  19. Rogério Mello May 27, 2017 @ 5:14 am

    2:58:13 – em um dos MELHORES MOMENTOS DO SET, é hora de ir embora! Que merda!! Olha a VIBE da galera! Parece início de set! Esse cara é sensacional! E esta música é maravilhosa!
    In one of the BEST SET MOMENTS, it’s time to go! Holy sh*t!!! Look at VIBE from the galley! Looks start from set! This guy is awesome! And this song is wonderful!!

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