Inside London’s smallest apartment

CNN's Richard Quest takes you inside London's smallest apartment. It can be yours for a few hundred thousand dollars.

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  1. Why does the guy growl while speaking?

  2. i would like this guy to narrate my life

  3. So its selling point is that it’s next to a department store, but where are you going to put all the crap you buy from there?

  4. 2:03
    People in the background “Wtf”

  5. “I am 6’1″”
    *Me*: You people use inches?

    • Thorzcun StellarFighter February 14, 2018 @ 5:42 pm

      WhyDo YouCare in other words: yes

    • Yes in England we use both feet and inches and meters and cementers. We also use both grams and kilograms and pounds and ounces as well as kilometres and miles.

      It’s very strange and I would like is to go to just using metric across the board it makes more sense.

  6. ‘That’s what it’s worth if that’s what people are willing to pay?’ Yet the sale is probably going to an investor. Investors and banks (which often raise the price of real estate beyond what actual PEOPLE can afford) are far from being a fair market approach. The accepted wisdom seems to be “market is god” but the “market” that is manipulated by banks and investors can be a cruel and wicked mistress, and often takes real estate out of the realm of being “what people can pay.” This over-simplistic and reductionist “shrug your shoulders, it’s worth what people pay” approach is simply wrong. In both meanings of the word. It is wrong to say things are worth what people will pay when the price is artificially inflated; it is also morally wrong to drive home prices up (and wages down) so that people can’t afford somewhere decent to live.

  7. 0:19 That’s exactly what i tell mah gurl before we get it on

  8. There are about 10 million Japanese that would kill for an apartment like that. Look at all the headroom, and it even has windows!

  9. omgitsMeerkatChris July 12, 2017 @ 11:33 pm

    This guy seems nice and all, if only a little too intense.

  10. “I am 6 foot 1 tall…..and that is the length of the flat.”

    It’s not though is it. Just that particular section you’re lying down in.

  11. I really wanna clear his throat

  12. Its good if you want to sell drugs from it

  13. Very depressing..

  14. my room is bigger than that whole apartment

  15. breakingbadsolution December 26, 2017 @ 7:06 pm

    is it his real voice or is he just joking around?

  16. Woojong with the Word March 12, 2018 @ 8:32 am

    A lot bigger than Goshiwons in Korea. Tiny rooms for living lol.

  17. Well, it can be a good apartment for just sleeping in. But for that price, no thanks

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