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  1. Wonderful! Just shows what can be done with ONE camera, Two Guitars and a truly wonderful singer! If only we could move back to this type of production. All that multiple video cuts with multiple cameras is just rubbish!

  2. this is absolutely haunting. just flat-out incredible…..

  3. This is my absolute favorite rendition of this song. Seconded only by Ella Fitzgerald.

  4. And God created woman – and boy – what a good job he did!

  5. Does she remind anyone else of Jessica Rabbit?

  6. timeless……both the song and Julie’s voice

  7. Only ever saw her perform in THE GIRL CANT HELP IT…these clips are phenomenal…have been listening to her on CD and LOVE her but these performances take you to another level…thanks Vladimir so much for posting these!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. She was an incredible vocalist!! Had no idea how gifted, until I stumbled upon an old episode of Emergency and then youtube. 25+ albums? I can still remember my mom performing this song at many venues! Didn’t realize until now that both she and Julie had quite an influence over my singing style and ability! Wow, Julie was undeniably hot! Thanks for the post!

  9. It’s amazing how Julie’s simple but sexy rendition sounds so much better than the modern “Divas” with all their vocal gymnastics and glory notes!

  10. I agree. Sadly, that’s a bygone era in this age of silicone, nip-n-tuck, and hedonism. Back then, ladies who sang & acted for a living had a fuller figure and both the carriage and manner of a lady, even if it was all show. There is so little public decorum these days. Everything is so “in your face”.

  11. NikadoZiriguidum2 December 13, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………It gives me goose pimples.
    Amazing interpretation.

  12. this what im talking about. watch Susan Boyle sing this saying she didn’t do justice on it. you can’t beat london singing it.

  13. What a wonderful smokey voice. So in tune no matter how delicate the note. thank you for posting.

  14. Can’t thank you enough for this video. Isn’t Julie just great? aand so are you!

  15. First heard this song way back in 1985. Still gives me the goosebumps. Love Julie’s version ever since.

  16. wow….now that is the way to sing that song!

  17. I’ve been listening to this great song since Julie first sang it. No one sings it better ! She was the greatest chanteuse of her day !

  18. Who on earth is playing that jazz guitar? It’s quite different from the regular single – really adds to the soulful breathy vocals. So sad! Excellent posting.

  19. The Girl Can’t Help It

  20. This the kind of singer and song that makes me glad I was born male.

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