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  1. Blue Calm Productions January 17, 2014 @ 10:51 pm

    Mad Men season 1 episode 11

  2. I am writing her biography.

  3. Best version in my opinion. 
    And.. Bridget Jones. 

  4. EVANGELION!!!!!! 

  5. What a beautiful and talented woman. Little known fact: she was terribly shy and lacked confidence; and her second husband (producer of her greatest hit song, “Cry Me a River”) was instrumental in helping her to overcome these obstacles. A real tragedy that she suffered a stroke in 1995 and died 4 years later. Bless her.

    • Her 2nd husband, by the way, was Bobby Troup, who wrote many hit songs; one of his biggest hits was “Get Your Kicks on Route 66,” which was recorded by just about everybody, including the Rolling Stones. And he also had a bit part in the 1970 Robert Altman movie “M.A.S.H.” in which he had one line, “God damn Army!”
      My folks met both he and London while my dad was working for a radio station in Spokane; my mother said she was so surprised that Julie was so shy and insecure, since she was so glamorous and beautiful — in my mom’s words, “a real knock-out.”

    • +Robert Wright they were both on the show Emergency.

    • Terry Neraasen June 15, 2017 @ 2:29 am

      Thanks for the historical sketch. What a beautiful and talented lady. Always loved her.

  6. Who else is here because of the M&S Christmas ad? Lol

  7. absolutely fell in love with this song when i saw that M&S advert!

    • You’re not the only one. 😛

      It seems that M&S have a good taste in music. I remember when they used Groove Armada’s “At the river” for a while. Such a nice track.

  8. Damn! This song has been stuck in my mind for days! Tnx for M&S christmas advert 2014, i may be 16 but this song is something special than nowadays music!

  9. Flying around in Elite Dangerous to this!

    • The Nasa will not finish the Warp-drive project any time soon! We were born too early :/ At least, we can spacefare in our PCs…

  10. Julie London has gotten better looking as she aged. In her twenties; her face was not attractive but in her late 30s to 40s she was smoking hot!

  11. who is here because of bayonetta
    i bet im the only one DX

  12. mad men brought me here.

  13. a very nice, beautifull interpretation

  14. Ms. London herself said she had ‘just a whisper for a voice’–but sometimes a whisper is louder than the best opera singer–

  15. I’m here on my own. No commercials needed.

  16. masterpiece

  17. lovely voice & a great pair of……..

  18. Evangelion!

  19. Underrated singer.

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