LONDON BOYS: “Requiem” (Good audio quality!)

London Boys were Edem Ephraim (lead singer) and Dennis Fuller (backing vocals, choreographer) both from Greenwich, London. Plus "third" London Boy Ralf-René Maué based in Hamburg, Germany who wrote and produced all their material. The recipe for that unique London Boys sound was a crossover style made of "High Energy" disco roots mixed with glam rock attitudes, huge anthem-like chorus melodies, rap, distorted rock guitars, contemporary dance grooves and, for the first time in pop history, Gregorian chants. Everything expertly arranged and blown up to a larger than life scale by Ralf-René Maué's superb Phil-Spector-like (solid walls of sound!) disco-drama production skills. The strong visual aspect of the London Boys, with Edem and Dennis being two good looking extremely fit guys with a professional dancing background was the icing on the cake. Selling millions the London Boys reached nearly double platinum status in the UK plus gold/platinum and double platinum in various countries throughout Europe and especially Asia. Sadly Dennis and Edem died in a horrible car crash. But their music will live on. London Boys 4ever. Enjoy!

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  1. classic 80’s,takes me back to when i was 15-Rip guys x

  2. High octane sound with slick dance moves & 80’s style. RIP London Boys, gone too soon.

  3. CAN YOU REALLY BELIEVE THESE AMAZING GUYS WHERE WIPED OUT BY SOME AUSTRIAN PISS HEAD…??……RIP LONDON BOYS!! (Date of accident 21 January 1996-Both killed) These guys had almost Perfect sequencing when dancing something that almost ALL groups of today cant master like these lads did! Absolute perfection such a shame they are not here anymore all the dedication they put into their singing careers & some drunk driver killed them?

  4. As a tough 14 year old lad when this was released, i would never have admitted to liking it, but can now admit, at 40 i knew every single word to it back then, and may have even tried to do a few of those dance moves in my bedroom when the curtains were closed and nobody was home!!!!

  5. Aleksandar Pirinjak July 12, 2015 @ 7:47 pm


  6. r.i.p boys may youre music live forever

  7. Hated this back in the day (shame on me!!!)
    Now at 41 i think this is one of the best songs i’ve ever heard!!!
    God bless and protect The London Boys!!!! R.I.P.

    • lovely fluffyducky November 26, 2015 @ 5:19 pm

      +steve Rowlands Shame on you indeed….glad you saw the error of your ways, Requiem is an epic tune in fact LONDON BOYS ROCK hope they are keeping heaven dancing 🙂
      RIP lovely fellas

    • steve Rowlands 41 here and still listening. ?

  8. Александр Долматов February 9, 2016 @ 12:20 pm

    Земля вам пухом, ребята, мы вас помним и любим.

  9. music of our youth loves it

  10. Still great and will be always. Peace.

  11. It’s sad, they were literally like twins, they were the same age when they were killed in the car crash. They must have had an incredible friendship.

  12. My favorite song by London Boys. Such a loss 🙁 We will never forget you and your wonderful music <3

  13. Wspaniali tak pięknie tańczyli i śpiewali.

  14. I was a DJ in the 90’s, if people weren’t dancing you only needed to put this on, the dance floor would be heaving, thanks guys, never forgotten

  15. Their friendship shows in all their videos they are comfortable working together and looked like they enjoyed all the videos, two gorgeous talented men so sad they died X will never be forgotten X rip guys shared a lovely talented journey together shame it was cruelly taken away from you, but you are still dancing singing in our hearts and you are together again. ( ps I don’t mean in a sexual way before anyone comments.)

  16. Такие классные, ….были

  17. царство небестне!

  18. London Boys Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. Дмитри Тихонов February 22, 2017 @ 3:33 pm

    Жаль ребят, большинство талантов уходит из жизни из за аварий(

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