London Grammar – Strong (High Contrast Remix)

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London Grammar – Strong (High Contrast Remix) is released September 1st.

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  1. High Contrast deserves so much more recognition for this song. It’s been aired here in Australia on national radio stations and they only say London Grammar produced it, when it’s this remix, not the original.

    • I had the same problem trying to find it, Im listening to the original thinking, This doesnt sound right,…. Same story with the lana del ray songs, they dont say who remixed it!!

    • trust me my Aussie mate, high contrast gets a lot of recognition here in the uk, he da man. I know people will hate me for saying this but the original is quite depressing, sorry. If you haven’t already got it The agony and ecstasy album is fucking brilliant! He was also responible for a lot of the music for the Olympic games. Me, i got pretty much everything he’s done.

    • +tyron s I love Hospital Records and all that good stuff, this is why I’m kind of bugged about him not getting recognition elsewhere.

    • I hear ya mate but then some artists are way cooler if they have a more underground fan base, don’t ya think? Kinda makes ya feel like your part of something private. If you haven’t already, check out ‘Wild oats’ by the man, guaranteed to get ya feet tapping lol

    • its like that song that pretty lights remixed… and then some rapper made it famous and they played it non-stop. without ever giving any credit to PL. lame, but i guess its best to have their names of the radio

  2. High contrast + london grammar = eargasm

  3. Huge airplay for this track in Australia. Money money money.

    • awesome song but a bit overplayed on the radio

    • +David Baker
      I agree david, and of the many times i’ve heard it being played, they never once gave credit to high contrast – they just said it’s london grammar.

      The first time i heard it, i thought “wait, this sounds like high contrast” – but most people would be lead to believe it’s the original mix.

      We give the drum and bass scene less credit than it deserves – especially in perth, where some huge dnb producers started. I wonder why they left?

    • +dannyboyinxs On the station I listen to they don’t really even say “Strong” they just say “London Grammar.” But you’re right, they should give credit to High Contrast, because the original isn’t anywhere near as MARVELLOUS

  4. Anirudh Ghodeshwar December 28, 2013 @ 6:33 pm

    The original track is better

  5. found the version I heard on the radio <3

  6. Being a old school Junglist from day dot, I think its a shame High Contrast went for Europop feel on this tune… The Original LG tune is Beautiful and this could of been something so really special if the Guys had gone in really hard… I understand the need for something candy coated for the General public its just a shame they picked such a Great Tune to mess with..

  7. I get excited when this goes on the radio

  8. Better than the original

  9. Pink Flamingos by High Contrast has such an amazing melody <3 just saying

  10. I hear this, every day, and this turns me into a good mood.. qq

  11. good for parkour montage

  12. I have listened to this song like 50 times today. Simply amazing and beautiful song.

  13. This guy is putting Wales on the map!

  14. This guy is putting map on the Wales!

  15. Song name pls?

  16. Just me or does anyone else get nostalgic when listening to this song? Just me? Ok… Well this is awkward…

  17. Switch speed to 1.25 Awsome 😀

  18. whenever i hear this song in my playlist, i imagine myself i had the star buff in the super mario bros. it goes so nice while running especially.

  19. NEJLEPŠÍ!!!! <3 <3

  20. ‘and im so damn cold in the middle’

    when you try and microwave your girl

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